Halloween Hoopla CD Credits and Lyrics

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Kid-Friendly Halloween songs, stories, chants and jokes for children ages 0-7 years old!

Producer: Christy Burich

Guitar and Arrangements: Kim-Char Meredith

Cello: John Goodman (one of my youngest students in 2003!)

Keyboard and Arrangements: Kathy Sbarboro

Recorded and Engineered by Kim-Char Meredith in Naperville, IL


And a great big thanks to my Wee-Heart Big Kids chorus: Sarah Gilbert, Claire Gelber, Jennifer Olson, Jackson Pekny, Noelle Pekny, Joey Preede and Carson Wordekemper. 


CD Lyrics:

Please note that the arrangements and adaptations of traditional material in this collection have been created by the authors and are protected by copyright. Every reasonable effort has been made to identify and locate copyright holders of the songs on this album. Any omission is inadvertent and will be corrected by contacting Wee Heart Music, Inc. 


What song does Dracula hate?                                          YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE

Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the party?                        HE HAD NO BODY TO DANCE WITH!

What do you call spiders who just got married?                  NEWLY WEBBED

What type of monster really loves dance music?                  BOOGIE MAN

Where does a ghost go on a Saturday night?                      ANYWHERE HE CAN BOO-GIE



(Pease Porridge Hot)  Traditional, new words by C. Burich ©2011


Witches’ brew hot,

Witches’ brew cold,

Witches’ brew in the pot,

Nine days old.


Some like it hot,

Some like it cold,

Some like it in the pot,

Nine days old.


Continue with Goblin Goo in my shoe…

Slurping spiders through a straw…

Frog slime…eye

Monster mash…bowl



(Tune: Down by the Bay) Traditional, anonymous


On Halloween,

When the sun goes down,

I trick or treat,

All over town.


The strangest sight,

I've ever seen,


Did you ever see a Ghost putting jelly on her toast? Did you ever see a witch scratching an itch? Did you ever see a spider sipping some cider? Did you ever see a bat wearing a hat? Ask for ideas?


On Halloween.



Traditional, anonymous



(Tune: Ten Little Indians)

Traditional, anonymous


One little, Two little, Three little witches,

Flying over haystacks, flying over ditches,

Over the moon without any hitches,

Hi Ho Halloween’s Here!


Stand on theirs heads with a lopsided wiggle,

Tickle your black cats til they giggle,

Slide through the air with a higgly piggle.

Hi Ho Halloween's Here!



(Tune: When Johnny Comes Marching)

Additional lyrics Christy Burich ©2011


When ghosts come out on Halloween,

Watch out! Watch out!

They look so scary and so mean,

Watch out! Watch out!

But they’re only boys and girls like you,

Who dress up scary and then say BOO!

Oh I just can’t wait til Halloween comes again and again and again!

Boom, boom, boom.


When the witches come out on Halloween,

Watch out! Watch out!

They fly around and cause such a scene,

Watch out! Watch out!

But they’re only mommies just like me,

Who dress up scary and then say hee! Hee!!!

Oh, I just can’t wait til Halloween comes again and again and again!

Boom, boom, boom.


When the wolves come out on Halloween,

Watch out! Watch out!

They howl at the moon and make people scream,

Watch out! Watch out!

But they’re only daddies on the run,

Who like to spook and have some fun,

Oh, I just can’t wait til Halloween comes again and again and again!

Boom, boom, boom.


PUMPKIN PIE - Anonymous

My father bought a pumpkin,

And much to my surprise,

We didn’t carve a funny face,

We made two pumpkin pies!


THE MOON’S CELLO (instrumental)

Written and Performed By John Goodman © 2011



(Tune: The Hokey Pokey) Traditional, lyrics by Terri Roben

> if you don't want to be afraid of the halloween "monsters", you can be one yourself and scare them all away!

>     So as a "monster:"  Put your claws in...

>                                 Stamp your feet in...

>                                 Shake your hairy head in....

>                                 Put your pointy teeth in....

>                                 Jump your monster self in.....

>                                         AND SCARE THEM ALL AWAY!



THE EENSY WEENSY SPIDER (major and minor keys)

Traditional, anonymous

The eensy weensy spider crept up the waterspout, 

Down swooped the bats and freaked the spider out! Ek!

Out came the wolves and howled up at the moon,

And the eensy weensy spider crept back into his room.



(Tune: Ram Sam Sam) Traditional, words by C.Burich ©2011

A Trick-or-treat cat, a trick-or-treat cat,

She curls up inside of her witch’s hat,

Meow, meow, meow! Meow, meow, meow!

A trick-or-treat cat and a witch’s hat!


Underneath a spoken chant: 

Trick or treat cat, trick or treat cat,




Traditional, adapted 



(Tune: My Darling Clementine) Traditional, anonymous


Jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern,

You are such a funny sight,

As you sit there in my window looking out into the night,

You were once a yellow pumpkin,

Growing on a sturdy vine,

Now you are my Jack-o-lantern,

Let your candle light shine!



Anonymous (adapted by Christy Burich) ©2011


Five little pumpkins sitting on the gate,

The first one said, “Oh, my, It’s getting late!”

The air is feeling chilly and moon is hanging low,

The sky is getting dark and I’m just about to glow!


Then the second one said, “There are witches in the air!”

The third one said, “But we don’t care!”

“They’ve got green faces and they cause such a fright,

But they’re flying really high and they’re almost out of sight!”


The fourth one said, “Let’s run, and run and run!”

Then the fifth one said, “It’s Halloween fun.”

So “Whoooosh!” went the wind!

And out went the lights,

Then the five little pumpkins went rolling out of sight!




Have you seen the Ghost of John?
Long white bones and all the rest gone.
Ooo Ooo
Wouldn’t it be chilly with no skin on?



(Tune: 3 Blind Mice) Traditional, words by Stacey Randall ©2011


On Halloween, On Halloween

Going Trick or Treat

Walking the block with my mommy's hand.
Kids all dressed up in costumes they've planned.
Walk to the door, bucket in my hand

On Halloween, Halloween.

Halloween, Halloween




(Tune: This Old Man) Traditional, anonymous

This old ghost, he played one,
He played peek-a-boo on the run
With a boo! boo! boo! and a clap, clap, clap
This old ghost is a friendly chap
Two: peek-a-boo in a shoe
Three: peek-a-boo behind a tree
Four: peek-a-boo near a door


Boiling Hot! – Anonymous

Boiling hot, boiling hot
(Stir "witch's soup" in a big cauldron)
What will we put in the witch's pot
Boiling hot, boiling hot
We'll put some spiders* in the witch's pot
(Toss something imaginary in the pot)
* stinky socks, hair, muddy boots, etc. children will be happy to provide suggestions to add to this ghoulish recipe.



By Christy Burich©2011

Listen, listen.

What do you hear?

Is that a black cat creeping near?

Just stand still,

And don’t you move,

‘Cause if you do,

Then she’ll get YOU! Meow!



(Tune: Are you sleeping?)     

Traditional, words by C.Burich ©2011


Candy, candy,

Halloween candy,



Sour, sweet and sticky,

Now I’m feeling icky,


It’s Halloween
(tune: Pop Goes the Weasel) Traditional, anonymous

Sometimes I like to walk in the dark
I like to shout and scre-am
I sneak behind somebody I know
BOO! It's Halloween!
(Sing this in a quiet/whispering voice and then shout BOO!)



Eight giggling ghosts - Anonymous

Eight giggling ghosts,
Like to give you a fright,
When they come out to play,
On Halloween night.
One ghosts laughs,
And one ghost giggles;
One ghost ha-ha’s,
And one hoots and wiggles.
One ghost cackles,
And one ghost roars;
One ghost guffaws,
And one rolls on the floor.
Eight giggling ghosts,
Aren’t much of a fright.
When they come out to play,
On a halloween night!



Halloween is Fun!

(Traditional tune: shortn’in bread) Traditional, words by C.Burich©2011



Halloween is fun, fun, fun!

Not for one, but everyone. (x2)


Hello monsters, goblins, ghosts,

Hello jack-o-lanterns on the post,

Hello Dracula arise,

Hello spider with googly eyes.




Hello witches in your hats,

Hello skeletons and black cats,

Hello werewolves, hello moon,

Hello bats who swoop and swoon.




Hello dancers, pirates, queens,

Hello clowns and hello bees,

Hello trick-or-treaters at my door,

Hello candy and so much more!



Traditional, new words by Christy Burich©2011


I had a little frog,

His name was Warty Lou,

I put him in my witches’ pot,

To make a tasty stew,

He drank up all the bat juice,

He ate up all the slugs,

He tried to eat the squirmy worms,

But he couldn’t get past the bugs,

So, he ate the toasted mud balls,

And stinky socks all soaked,

He finally slurped the slimy worms,

But then he up and CROAKed!



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