Miss Christy and the Wee Heart Big Kids!

A First CD by Miss Christy!
You know I LOVE Halloween and I always look forward to dressing up for our classes either as Snow White, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Minnie Mouse and even some not so easily recognizable characters like last year's Egg Shaker of Happiness outfit!  Over the years, I've enjoyed making a party out of our Halloween classes by sharing stories, songs and jokes and each year someone always asks, "Why don't you make a Halloween CD?!"  So, I finally listened and took the leap of faith!  It's a dream come true for me and I'm thrilled to see it coming to life!  In the words of Dr. Frankenstein, "It's Alive!  It's Alive!  It's Alive!"
Halloween Fun for Little Monsters! 
This CD is a fun, spine-tickling compilation of some not-so-spooky, kid-friendly songs, stories, chants and jokes that we've used over the years during our own Halloween classes.  Some of the songs included are Halloween is Fun (Shortn'in Bread), On Halloween (Down By the Bay), Going Trick or Treat (Three Blind Mice),When the Ghosts Come Out on Halloween(Johnny Comes Marching Home), The Hookey Spookey (The Hokey Pokey), Jack-O-Lantern (My Clementine) and plenty more including songs featuring the voices of children from our very first Big Kids class that's running this fall!


Here's a first bite at some Halloween fun!

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