Class Descriptions

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Family Classes

We mix ages so everyone can come! Classes are designed for children from birth - kindergarten. The instructional style is informal because children learn best through play and fun! All activities are age and developmentally appropriate for this range of children. Big kids learn leadership skills, practice imaginative play and appropriate classroom behaviors while younger children learn and look up to big kids...a true family-friendly model. Children are free to engage as they choose, and do so according to their developmental level, personality, learning style and comfort level. Our activities focus on adult/child interactions rather then child/child as the parent or caregiver bond is the most important modeling construct for this age. Infants are always welcome and instructors will offer ideas on how adults can modify activities for even the littlest ones.

Babies (newborn to 8 months)

The Music Together® Babies class, for families with infants from birth through eight months, is a one-semester introduction to Music Together and to early childhood music development. After this one-semester, the family enrolls in a Family class. The music activities in a Babies class are specifically designed to teach parents how to support music development in infancy and how to connect with their infants through music using concepts like purposeful touch, sound layering, and dancing for baby. Babies classes use the same collection as family classes but offer an opportunity to meet other parents of newborns, bond in a meaningful way with your infant while learning about their musical development and having fun!